3 Top tips for winning on live baccarat

If there is something that is going to assist you to get successful while playing at live baccarat casino sites, then it is the luck you have with you. Baccarat is known to be a game where there is little need for skills but even with that, it is a popular game on the casinos both online and brick and mortar. It is a game that attracts countless high rollers to embrace it.

When you decide to play the live baccarat casino, there still things that you will need to keep in mind with the following being some of them:

Avoid the tie bet

What it means is that, you should avoid betting on a tie. There is a low probability of a tie bet happening although at times it does happen, but it is something that is quite rare and hard to guess when it will happen. Except when there is card counting, which is only possible when you have one or two decks of cards. You don’t have to be wooed by the large payouts which are tied to a tie bet because in most of the cases, you are going to lose.

You shouldn’t be afraid of betting on the banker

Majority of those that play baccarat tend to be afraid of betting on the banker sine it has the 5% commission which gets applied – but some casinos apply less. Though it can be a drawback because the player bet doesn’t attract a commission at all with a 1:1 payout, and thus, the banker doesn’t feel right.

But there is a reason why it might be great betting on the banker and why it has a commission on it. That is because the banker bet attracts a lower house edge as compared to the player bet. The player bet attracts a 1.24% house edge with the banker attracting only 1.06% which gives it favorable odds.

Avoid playing live zero commission baccarat

It is a game which was invented by microgaming software provider and was meant to give the players a fair and new banker bet minus commission. But it was just something to entice them to playing the baccarat live game as at the end of the game,  in case the value of the banker hand was eight, the odds at which you get paid is 1 to about 2, which is a complete rip off.

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