5 Reasons: Why Online Cricket Betting is So Popular in India

Cricket and betting are both equally famous in India. There is no alley or street available where children never played Cricket. The passion Indian people have for Cricket can never be compared with anything else. On the other hand, betting is also a passionate medium that allows people to experience exciting moments and earn some extra bucks. And when these two different passions meet together, it becomes something iconic and huge called cricket betting.

However, cricket betting is not only famous among punters because they have a passion for Cricket or betting, but there are many other reasons present that make this particular type of gambling so famous.

Where Can you Play Cricket Betting?

Both Cricket and betting have quite a history in India. Though betting or cricket betting is not quite legal, online betting will not make you fall under any law. And although people used to bet on Cricket through a bookie, now the need is eliminated. Because now people can put their money on betting without a bookie. Those who are mainly used online betting sites in different countries now can have the test of their own culture where they will get everything in their very Indian way.

Topmost Reason for Cricket Betting’s Popularity

∙         Easy Accessibility

As mentioned above, every Indian has a soft corner for Cricket. And cricket betting allows them to earn money easily. It is more beneficial with online sports betting sites, where people can put their money from anywhere, anytime during a game season. For example, if someone wants to bet during IPL, the fairplay site will allow them to do it without difficulties.

∙         Easy to understand

Cricket is people’s game and once you learn to understand the odds, winning a bet is not that hard. Besides, different websites provide tutorials to understand the cricket betting statistic, which guides the punters on how to start playing and betting, giving them more chances to win a larger amount.

∙         Variety of Tournaments

One major advantage of cricket betting is multiple yearly tournaments. From IPL to district-level Cricket, you can get a chance to put your money into betting. And if you look at the record of IPL, which is considered one of the biggest events in India, it generates a huge amount of money flow in the Indian betting industry.

∙         Big Winning Records

Bettors who are trying their hands at cricket betting know that, particularly in India, cricket betting holds a huge record of a big win. Especially the amount associated with IPL is quite big. And what makes it more appropriate is the availability of online gambling. With time Indian betting industry is expanded, and with the help of technology, anyone can try their luck. And if they are lucky and smart enough, winning a huge amount of money from Cricket is not a big deal.

∙         Presence of Online Betting Site

Now earlier, cricket betting was only limited to people who used to visit a gambling club. But since the online betting site has been introduced to Indians and the number of national and international competitions they host makes people believe that the fairplay sites are genuine and anyone who plays strategically can win a huge amount of money from them.

What is the difference between Online Cricket Betting and Offline Cricket Betting in India?

Cricket Betting was introduced among the people of India when the Indian cricket team participated in the world cup for the first time. But earlier, gambling and cricket betting was available for a certain group. At that time, cricket betting was limited as the World cup or other big cricket events were not so common. Besides, it cannot be denied that Indian host their bets with emotion and love for the nation. And each time the Indian cricket team failed to achieve the final goal, people dropped the idea of betting. Since IPL was introduced, Indians have become more enthusiastic about betting. On the other hand, cricket betting was never available to people in the way it does now. Even those people who are not so aware with cricket betting can try their luck with these online platforms.


Now cricket betting has a versatile and rich history. And over the year, the way it gained popularity, anyone can tell that Cricket betting is one of the Indian bettors’ favorite betting mediums, giving them more chances to win big. And sites like fairplay make it more reliable with their appearance and services.

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