The Most Common Mistakes Every Baccarat Player Should Avoid

Baccarat is an easy, fun-filled, and fast game that tempts almost every casino player. When playing at several baccarat tables, it is very important to place the bet in the right spot on the table. In absence of proper knowledge about the rules, players especially beginners make common mistakes while playing a baccarat game.

You Place a Wager on a Tie

The house edge value on the tie wager is more than 14%. This makes it the worst bet in the casino. It gets multiplied with the amount you bet and results in an expected loss.

You Place Wager on the Player Hand

The player’s hand bet is not as beneficial as the banker’s bet. It has a house edge value of 1.24%. When placing a bet on the banker’s hand and winning it, the casino takes a commission. Though the commission amount is only 5%, many players mistakenly think that the player hand bet is superior.

As the house edge numbers comprise the 5% commission, the banker bet only has an edge value of 1.06%. Ufakick is the leading football betting website. It provides statistical data, analysis, views, and tips that enable the customer to evaluate and place accurate bets.  In addition to it, users can also watch the live broadcast of their match schedule.

Using Odd Sizes of Wager on the Banker Hand

If you are betting on the banker’s hand and winning, the casino gathers a commission of 5%. This implies that the payout to win banker bets is between 19 and 20. This is confusing and can get complicated when making odd-sized wagers in live play. This makes the banker hand the best bet when playing baccarat.


Baccarat has three primary betting options. A few baccarat games provide a side bet. It is convenient to avoid mistakes when you play baccarat. The best way is to bet in increments of $20. It is important to learn the house rules when drawing to the hands, and not during midi or mini baccarat as the dealer does it all.

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