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Three fun games to play with friends

Game nights with friends are always the best. However, it can be a struggle to pick a good game. You have to find something that everyone enjoys. Also, it’s nice to switch things up every now and then so some new games could come in handy as well. In this blog, we’ll list three games that you might not have thought about yet, that could be great fun.

  1. Wii Sports

When the Wii hit the market, everyone needed to have one. It was a console that seemed to offer one thing that other consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation didn’t have, which was physical movement. Nowadays, the Wii isn’t as big anymore, but it can still be a great console for a game night with friends. Wii Sports is a simple sports game on the Wii, that offers games such as Baseball, Tennis and Bowling. Create a tournament between you and your friends, where everyone will have to play everyone at least once, as well as everyone needs to play every game at least once. Find out who’s the best (Wii) sporter from the group in the most fun way.

  1. Mario Kart on the DS

The DS will be a throwback for a lot of your friends: hopefully you all still have one. Mario Kart is the game to play, as only one person needs to have Mario Kart for twelve people to play it! This game will be a lot of fun, as it gets a very competitive side out of everyone. It will bring back many memories and will have your friends going crazy over who will. Rules should be set in advance, as people tend to try to cheat their way to the victory with Mario Kart. This game can be played on others consoles as well, such as the Nintendo Switch and the Wii, but we recommend playing it on the DS, as the nostalgic feeling it brings is great on its own.

  1. Poker

If you want to play something a bit more serious, Poker is a great pick. This casino card game doesn’t only involve luck, but a lot of strategy as well. Poker is great fun to play with friends, as you’ll get to know a complete different side from everyone: who’s a good liar, and who has a terrible poker face? Poker is usually played with some money on the line, but if you want to keep things friendly, it’s probably better not to do that. Poker isn’t the only casino game you can play from home: create your own casino at home by playing games such as Baccarat and Blackjack as well.

Which game will you pick?

Hopefully we’ve inspired you for a great game night with friends. Will you pick one of these games, or will you go for something completely different?

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