Debunking 4 Common Myths About Online Slot Games!

Online casinos have changed everything we knew about gambling. More people are opting for virtual gambling, simply because it’s easy, convenient, private, and offers as much entertainment value. Most casinos have a wide range of options – live casino, table tables, roulette, baccarat, but do you know that online casinos make most money through slots? Today, สล็อต games remain the most popular thing for virtual players and gamblers, even though there are many myths floating around. In this post, we are debunking some of the common myths about online slot games.

Myth 1: Online slots are rigged

That’s untrue. Every spin on an online slot game is absolutely random. Online casinos have survived because they have been transparent about payouts, although there is no denying that a casino will always have a house edge. In simpler words, the casino will make money from the bets, but if a slot has a payout percentage of 98%, it means that the slot will pay that kind of wins, except that everything is random and cannot be predicted.

Myth 2: One player cannot hit the jackpot twice

Another common myth is one player cannot win many times. Like we just mentioned, every spin on an online slot game is random and independent of the previous ones. When you click ‘spin’, there is always a chance of winning, regardless of whether you have won previously or not.

Myth 3: The payout rate is a lie. All slots are same.

No, not all slots are not same. It is a common misbelief that slots pay the same but only have different graphics. The payout rate of a slot machine or online slot may vary, but the best ones pay as high as 99%. Again, do your homework, and if you want really make the most of payout rate, consider placing big bets, but don’t hit the ‘max’ button all the time.

Myth 4: only ‘max’ bets can help you win

Many players believe that if they spend more on each bet, they will win big. After all, why will the casino place a ‘max bet’ button. The truth is the button just helps players place bets right away and is a good way of attracting them. When it comes to online slots, everything is about your luck, and on some days, you may win big.

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