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Want To Play the Online Slots in Thailand Anonymously? Here’s What You Need to Know

People love gambling, but at the same time are scared to reveal their identity. So, what can be done in such cases? Here is something that you need to know.

Gambling is legit in many states including Thailand, but people do question its legality. On the other hand, many are even scared about cybercrimes and would keep their identity a secret while playing. In such cases, you do have the option of going anonymous. For security reasons, many online slots do not require much information from the player. 

Online slots like Slot XD provides a wide variety of games to enjoy such as PG slot เครดิตฟ. You can play this online on your mobile phones and enjoy getting good benefits. They also give you options like a fast deposit and withdrawal system that can help many gamblers. Apart from this, the games are easy to be played and convenient too as you can play them wherever you are comfortable. So, it is up to you to choose a reliable website to play.

Is it possible to go anonymous?

To tell you the truth, you cannot play online anonymously with any of the legit casinos as they would want you to show some identity proof. You will be asked to fill up the forms with all the identity information and it will depend on them whether they will accept or reject your transaction.

Here are some measures that will let you play anonymously to some extent:

  1. VPN or virtual private networks are one way to restrict your location details to be shown. This is one secure and safe way to play online slots. You just need to enable it while playing.
  2. Every online casino would require you to deposit money at the payment gateway. In such cases, you can do the payments with some other person’s debit or credit card so that your information is not leaked. This will also be helpful when you want to take loans as it will impact your credibility.
  3. Make use of pre-paid deposits like e-vouchers. They can be bought very easily from any retail store. Here no bank details or any other transaction details are shown. The most popular e-vouchers used are Pay safe card and flexes which are being accepted by many online casinos. 

By using the above steps, you can be safe and secure to play any games online without revealing your identity. 

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